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In the winter of 2008, Sam Smith realized he needed better, faster and more reliable internet. Because most providers did not come to his area, he researched and discovered a new way for him to get what he needed… and wanted. After finding a way to establish high-speed internet to his home, he thought he could share it with his neighbors for a minimal cost to them and it would help with the overhead cost. Soon, the word was out. Spreading through the community, Sam and his team/family continued to provide high-speed internet. In 2019, they took it one step better and started their own Fiber Optics Infrastructure. Now able to serve half their customers with fiber and half with the wireless broadband, the company continues to grow and expand its reach to those with little to no options.


Sam Smith


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Jeremy Smith

Construction Manager

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Kyle Smith

Lead Technician

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Amber Smith

Project Manager/Office Support

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Helen Smith

Wife/Supporter/Accountant/Managing partner/Mom

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Cynthia Newman

Service Specialist

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