New Invoicing

We are once again, going to be changing our invoice system. We have several reasons for wanting to do this. Most importantly it will be automating and integrating the billing and the network. Having those two integrated will reduce the work load on the menial task and allow us to concentrate the more important things, like improving service. We will not do this all at once. New clients will be signed to the new service and we’ll begin to integrate existing clients throughout the year. By first adding those routinely late, and those that use PayPal. One of the advantages of the new system is that payments made through PayPal will be directly applied to your account when the payment is made. Those that want to start automatic billing please let us know as this is a feature of our new system and would like to have them moved over at that time.

A note from the president, I have actually been waiting for this system become available for three years now and I’m excited to finally have it. Sam Smith