A Year Gone And A Year To Come

We have a new website!!!  https://iwisp.net Take a few minutes to check it out.  If you have any comments or feedback on it, please send it to billing@iwisp.net  We are trying to make it as effective and efficient as possible for our past, present and future customers, so we would love your feedback on how to make that happen.  In addition, please take a moment to follow us on Facebook and leave a good review.

This year we will be focusing to provide better customer service.  As a family owned company, we find ourselves busy working in the office, on site and sometimes working other jobs.  With this said, we are trying new ways to communicate better.  Please review the following:

For technical difficulties you can:

Email – tech@iwisp.net / Text – 540-379-5866 / Call – 540-379-5866 ext 2

For sales or customer support:

Email – sales@iwisp.net / Text 540-300-6069 / Call 540-379-5866 ext 1

For billing or account support:

Email – billing@iwisp.net / text 540-412-3083 / Call 540-379-5866 ext 3

We are making it a resolution for the new year to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

***Please note that you will receive quicker responses to text messages since we can receive those easier and quicker.***

Just like every year, we want to invite anyone to take advantage of our yearly special.  We are offering one and a half month free for customers who pay for the year in advance.  All invoices go out on December 1st and are due by December 31st. The yearly amount covers for the oncoming calendar year.  All previous balances must be paid in full to take advantage of the offer.  Previous balances will not be carried into the offer.  Please email us at billing@iwisp.net if this is something you are interested in.  If you choose this option last year you are automatically set up to receive the yearly invoice on the 1st of December.  Please notify us if you do not wish to continue with the offer.

*Yearly invoice is a contract of sevice.  Tranferrable, but not refundable*

Other billing changes to make note of –

  • Seasonal holds – A minimum of 4 months is required for seasonal holds.  There is a $25 reconnect fee for anything less.
  • Delinquent accounts – If your service is disconnected for failure of payment, the balanced owed and a $25 reconnect fee must be paid in full to reconnect.

Thank you again for all your support and enjoy the Holidays,

Sam and the iWiSP Team