We have changed to a new invoicing system. Here are some of the reasons we have made this decision. This system was designed by the makers of the equipment I use and is designed specifically for the WISP service provider.

Benefits do iWiSP;

  1. I will be honest here, this is the greatest reason and by itself would cause me to switch. Automatic Suspension of Services for Nonpayment. One of the biggest hassles at a time-consuming task has been the collection of the few customers that do not pay on a timely manner. Time that can be spent on more important task. Upgrading, improving and maintenance.
  2. Automatic restoration of service. I wasn’t sure whether I want this year are in the client list, but since his is it is related to number one I put it here. As long as UCRM is used to make payments service is restored within five minutes.
  3. PayPal. Another time consuming task. The new system allows PayPal payments to be made directly to your account and crediting them instantly and properly.
  4. It incorporates a better monitoring system. Allows me to see what is being used and when it is being used. It also notifies me when key locations are off-line.
  5. Improves communication with the client. Among other things I will be able to communicate with clients in a certain area for upgrades or another problems instead of everybody getting an email.
  6. It cost less than the one I am now using, allowing to keep my prices the best in town.

Benefits to the client;

  1. You will now be sent a payment receipt when a payment is recorded, weather via PayPal. automatic subscriptions, cash or a mailed in check.
  2. You’ll be able to report in detail problems you have from your customer portal.
  3. It cost less and the one I am now using, allowing to keep my prices the best in town.