We take pride in providing high-speed internet in the best and most efficient way possible. Through continuous efforts to improve we find more ways to do this. Currently we are offer different options of high-speed internet that are available dependent on your location. Contact us at sales@iwisp.net to find out more about options available to you.

Fiber and Fixed Wireless Options

We offer both Fixed Wireless and Fiber Optic service to selected areas in Spotsylvania County, Louisa County, Caroline County and surrounding areas.  For more information about what is available at your home or business, contact our sales team.



$175one time fee

Due at Installation


  • Required equipment
    • router not included
  • Standard Installation
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Fiber Monthly Service

$75 / $150 tier 1 / tier 2 per month


  • No Contract
  • Unlimited Data
  • Tier 1 – 50/30 mbps
  • Tier 2 – 150/150 mbps
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Fixed Wireless

$50per month


  • No contract
  • Unlimited data
  • Speed vary by location
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Yearly Discounts

Other Pricing

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