In the winter of 2008, Sam Smith realized he needed better, faster and more reliable internet. Because most providers did not come to his area, he researched and discovered a new way for him to get what he needed… and wanted. After finding a way to establish high-speed internet to his home, he thought he could share it with his neighbors for a minimal cost to them and it would help with the overhead cost. Soon, the word was out. Now, nearly 10 years later he is providing internet to over 1000 homes and businesses in the rural areas of Spotsylvania, Louisa and Caroline Counties.


Traditional cable broadband service is only available if the provider has already buried wires to your home or business. Availability of cable broadband has no bearing on whether you can get Internet access from iWiSP. Once a tower is broadcasting, wireless broadband is available for miles in every direction. A small antenna is placed on your home or office that receives a direct signal from a WISP tower near by. Unlike technology used for cellular data, the wireless connection from your home “end point” and the tower allows for fast reliable service via a fixed wireless connection.


Have you been told that high-speed Internet is not available in your area? WISP is no longer the last resort for customers with no other options to get internet. iWiSP has been providing a fast, economical, and reliable alternative to Cable and DSL Internet to the following service area.